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Facon Gianduja Noisette Clair 39%
This Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 39% Gianduja is made of a blend of fine cocoa beans, hazelnuts from Italia and milk and has a creamy melting texture. The very precise work of Valrhona on roasting and conching make this product amazing! ..
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Guanaja Dark Feve (70%)
GUANAJA 70% develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes while unveiling flowery notes and an intense flavor that is exceptionally long-lingering...
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Valrhona Caramelia ( 36% )
Unlike caramel-flavored milk chocolates made with caramelized sugar, Valrhona's CARAMÉLIA 36% uses genuine dairy-based caramel (from real skim milk and butter) as a main ingredient. The result is a particularly silky smooth milk chocolate that mainta..
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Valrhona Dulcy Feves (32%)
DULCEY® 32% is a smooth and creamy chocolate with a velvety, enveloping texture and a warm, Blond® color. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of shortbread with a pinch of salt...
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Valrhona Hazelnut Gianduka Praline
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Valrhona Ivoire Feves 35%
White chocolate delicately sugared, IVOIRE 35% reveals aromas of warm milk enhanced by delicate vanilla notes...
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
Valrhona Jivara Milk Feve (40%)
Valrhona JIVARA 40% Milk Chocolate's distinctive flavor, both mild and chocolate, unveils notes of caramel and vanilla enhanced with a touch of malt...
Rs. 0 Ex Tax: Rs. 0
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